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As a living food, raw milk is rich in natural food enzymes

As a living food, raw milk is also rich in natural food enzymes

As a living food, raw milk is also rich in natural food enzymes

Fresh, clean raw milk is one of the most naturally healthy and nutritiously dense foods that you can give your family. We maintain impeccable sanitary conditions, proper nutrition for our dairy cows and care for their health in a manner that does not compromise the animals natural balance.

Our raw milk is alive with fully active enzymes, naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, all 22 essential amino acids, OMEGA-3 fatty acids, metabolically available vitamins, immunoglobulin’s, minerals, antioxidants, and CLA.

Raw milk contains important enzymes that help you assimilate the nutrients in milk. These enzymes are rendered inactive once milk is pasteurized.

Raw milk has all essential enzymes for digestibility. Pasteurized milk no longer contains the living enzymes that are necessary to assimilate the calcium, milk sugars, and milk solids contained in milk.

Whole milk sold in your local grocery has much of the cream removed. No cream is removed from our milk, so you can still receive whole milk benefits while using the cream to make other foods such as yogurt, butter, and cheeses that people have enjoyed for centuries – and these products were never pasteurized.

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There was a time when pasteurization may have prevented certain pathogenic bacteria, but it also destroys the beneficial ones. These bacteria are vital to a healthy digestive system and removes the organic vitamins and enzymes that make milk such a perfect food. The primary benefit pasteurization gained by mass dairy farms was longer shelf life, which increased profits. Today, we have eliminated the need for pasteurization by solving the problems that caused the need in the first place.